Reece Integration FAQ

How do I connect FlatRateNOW with my ReeceMax account?

You first must enable the Purchase Order feature. After this has been confirmed, follow this guide to connect ReeceMax:

How do I disconnect FlatRateNOW from my ReeceMax account?

To disconnect FlatRateNOW and ReeceMax, go to your configuration and open the ‘Suppliers’ tab. Select the red ‘Disconnect’ button.

How do I access the Purchase Order feature in the quoting app?

You can only purchase materials for jobs that have been sold. The Materials button is available in Quotes that are Accepted, In-progress or Complete.

Open the quote and click ‘Materials’ to open the Purchase Order feature.

How do the prices of my materials get updated in the FlatRateNOW catalogue?

The prices of the materials you buy from Reece are updated every time you order them from Reece.

This means your Reece POs will always have your up-to-date prices, and these prices are saved in your FlatRateNOW catalogue for the next time you use them in a Quote. However, we understand there will be materials & products that you don’t sell every day, so every 30 days we will automatically update the price of all the materials you have bought from Reece.

Can I download my Purchase Order as PDF?

Yes you can, follow our guide here :

Can I send my Purchase Order via EMAIL?

Yes you can, follow our guide here :

I’ve selected ‘Vehicle/office stock’ in the Purchase Order screen for material, does that mean it won’t be uploaded into ReeceMax?

Correct, any materials/products you select ‘Vehicle/Office Stock’ will not be included in your Purchase Order sent to suppliers. Instead, we record which materials/products you’ve said you have used from your Vehicle/Office stock and we provide you with a report to help you restock in the future.

I am trying to offer my customer a product Reece offers but it’s not in the list of products I can choose from, how do I get a product added?

To add any new products, contact our support staff on (02) 7202 6008 or email

I want to change the material list that is assigned to a FlatRateNOW task, how do I do this?

To make changes to any FlatRateNOW task, you must use our ‘Task Template Modifier’ feature that is accessible in the Office Portal. Follow this guide to modify material lists :

If I sell a job and I need to add an item that wasn’t included in the sale, how can I do that?

Before you upload and confirm your Purchase Order, you will be given an opportunity to add any new items to the Purchase Order.

Follow this guide to learn how to do it :

How do I setup my Supplier Contact?

The second part of this guide will inform you how to setup your Supplier contacts :

Do I need a ReeceMax account before I can connect to Reece?

Yes you will need to have a registered ReeceMax account before you can integrate FlatRateNOW. To register for an account, head to

I have confirmed my Purchase order and uploaded it into Reece but I need to edit the order, how do I make an edit?

At the moment, you cannot edit the Purchase Order within FlatRateNOW after it has been successfully uploaded into ReeceMax. To make any changes, you must contact your Account Manager at your Home Branch.

If you need any further support, who can I contact?

Our team at FlatRateNOW are here to help where we can. You can contact us at:

(02) 7202 6008

Monday – Friday

7.30am to 6.00pm


Alternatively, you can send an email to or access our Knowledge Base on