Configuring Your Task And Product Favourites

FlatRateNOW has over 1000 tasks, but ~75% of your income will come from the same 50-100 Tasks. To speed up quote creation and help your tradesmen you can pick your favourite tasks for easy access.

Some FlatRateNOW tasks have hundreds of different product options. To guide your tradesperson to your preferred products, or to those they have on their truck stock list, you can specify which of these products you wish to appear at the top of the list.

Choosing your favourite tasks and products is easy in FlatRateNOW.

Adding Favourite Tasks In the Management console

Further increase the speed at which your tradesmen quote by building a list of favourite Tasks. By doing so, you'll reduce the time required navigating the catalogue and boost the confidence of your team.

To find out more information about how to configure your task favourites in the management console head over to task favourite settings.

Adding Favourite Tasks In-App View

Task favourites can be pre-programmed in the app view or in the management console. This function is only available to FlatRateNOW manager users. Once selected as a favourite they appear under the favourites section of the price book, and also appear at the top of the list in their price book section.

Learn how to set up your task favourites through the app view in setting up task favourite settings in app view.

Adding Favourite Products To A Task 

Product favourites are used to configure your preferred materials within tasks. Product favourites are pre-programmed by the manager. Once saved, all tradespeople within the company will see the same favourites in their FlatRateNOW price book. In the price book, favourite products are displayed at the top of any materials list within the task to make it quicker and easier to pick the correct materials when onsite.

Task favourites can be pre-programmed in the app view or in the management console.