What factors are included in pricing each task?

The Price of each task is determined by Labour & Materials.

To determine the Labour on each task, FlatRateNOW has reviewed years of job diaries across hundreds of tradesmen to identify the average time it takes to complete the job – not just the labour time to do the work. The Allocated Time includes call back time, clean up time, disposing of old units and/or picking up materials/products midway through the job. Many tradesmen don’t include this in their quotation, leading to a loss in profits.

The cost of products/materials is set by the various supplier price files uploaded to FlatRateNOW. The product/material prices are updated monthly to ensure you are quoting accurately each time.

You also must factor in your Product Markups as they impact the overall price of the task. To learn more about your Product Markup, read our guide.