Deselecting Tasks while in the Quote Screen

This feature must be enabled. Please follow this guide: enabling the 'Deselect Tasks' 


After you have presented all your potential solutions to your customer, there are going to be tasks on your quotation that your customer is not interested in - rather than deleting those tasks, deselect them by following these steps.


  1. Open the task you would like to deselect by click on it
  2. Select 'Action' on the bottom left
    select action for deselect
  3. Click 'Deselect'
    presss deselect
  4. To save your change, then select 'Back'
    press back to save
  5. The task that is deselected will now appear on the quote with a line through it.
    task will have line thruogh it


Presenting the Deselected tasks on your quote PDF

  1. If the feature is set to 'Prompt', when you press 'Download' or 'Send', you will need to decide if you'd like to include the Deselected tasks in your quote PDF.
    include deselected tasks in qutoe pdf

Please Note:

  • To reapply a deselected task, follow the same steps above, instead of 'Deselect' being available in 'Actions', there'll be a button labelled 'Reapply'