Enabling 'Deselect Task' Feature in Quote Screen

When presenting your quotation to your customer, you should include everything that you possibly want to offer.

With this feature, tasks that your customer does not approve, you can simply 'deselect' from the quotation.

These tasks will remain visible on your quotation under a new heading to ensure your customer is aware that you did offer the work but they did not approve.

How to enable this feature:

  1. Go to your Office View (https://live.flatratenow.net)
  2. Head into Configuration
  3. Select the 'Quoting' heading
  4. Turn on 'Enable Task Opt-Out Feature'
    1. Recommendation: Set your 'Include 'Deselect Tasks' in Quote PDF to Prompt.
      1. We recommend 'Prompt' because it allows your users to decide if it is appropriate to include those deselects tasks on the quote PDF.

    deselect tasks picture
  5. Please review the Disclaimer. It's important to note that the disclaimer pre-filled for you is a guide. We strongly recommend that you review the text and update it to suit your business. We hold no responsibility to the use of the pre-filled disclaimer.


Please Note:

  • You will need to have this feature enabled if you would like your 'Deselected Tasks' to sync over from the Scratchpad