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Before You Configure Your Settings

Welcome to FlatRateNOW.


If you’re reading this, you have already enjoyed time in the FlatRateNOW application and you are ready to replace the default settings and turn FlatRateNOW into your very own quoting tool.


Before getting started, here are a couple of items to be aware of.


Admin Console:

You will configure your FlatRateNOW application through the Admin Console. We recommend that you use a computer or laptop when configuring your settings.


Store the following link on your browser to access your admin console easily:




FlatRateNOW Application:

You will enjoy building quotes with your clients through the FlatRateNOW Application. Please note the following:

  • Apple Tablets
    • Head to the Apple store to download the FlatRateNOW Application
  • Android Tablets
    • Head to the Google Play Store to download the FlatRateNOW Application
  • Computer/Laptops
  • Other Devices
    • FlatRateNOW is not optimised for mobile phones.
    • FlatRateNOW can be used on other devices not currently accessible through Apple Store or Google Play by using the mobile browser


To begin transforming FlatRateNOW into your very own quoting tool, head over to company settings.