Add a product to your Modified Task Template

This article will guide you through adding a product to your Modified Task.

Follow these steps to add a product to your modified task template.

  1. Open your Modified Task Template
    1. If you are unsure how to modify a task, please refer to 'How do I modify a task template?'
  2. Click 'edit'
  3. Scroll down to 'Task Details' and click 'Add an item'
  4. Make sure 'product' type is selected and enter the supplier product code or product name to begin the search
    1. If entering a Product Name produces too many results, click 'Search More' to access the 'Search Product' window and see all the search results
  5. Select the product you'd like to add to your modified task template
  6. Update the quantity
  7. Click 'Save & Close' to finish or 'Save & New' to add another product
  8. Once you have completed adding products, click Save

All of your users MUST refresh their app to receive your latest task updates.