What Is Trustpilot?

Requesting customer reviews can be a time-consuming process for both the business and the customer. To increase the chance of successfully receiving your customer’s reviews, you have to make the process as simple as possible.

Trustpilot is a leading independent review platform. With more than 50 million reviews from over 220,000 companies, Trustpilot gives people a place to share and discover authentic and validated reviews of businesses, while giving each business the tool to turn consumer feedback into positive business results. Trustpilot’s mission is to bring consumers and companies together to create an ever-improving experience for all involved.

Boosting your Domain Authority

Getting onto the first page of Google is not achievable overnight. It takes time, energy and nurturing of your website domain. Through using software like Trustpilot, getting onto the first page of Google becomes a much easier process. 

As the number of reviews you receive increases over time, so does the amount of ‘juice’ you begin to create for search engines like Google. You move from being an unknown website who has appeared out of nowhere, to a sophisticated meeting place with people regularly visiting your site, producing more and more traffic.

The Trustpilot platform grants you access to greater customer insight, with each review, your building your database of consumer research, which will allow you to create campaigns that include great reviews, increasing the success rate of your campaign.

Without customer insights, tailoring and personalising marketing campaigns is difficult and without ‘social proofing’, your potential clients may think your fake. For example, say you were having a sale on supplying & installing hot water systems. Your marketing campaigns would result in greater success if you included a number of reviews from clients which can be viewed on your Trustpilot wall.

The integration between FlatRateNOW and Trustpilot is simple:

  1. Subscribe to the Trustpilot integration to enable access in your configuration screen.
  2. Update the required e-mail field.
  3. Select when the review is to be issued, either ‘on invoice’ or ‘on payment’.
  4. View your Trustpilot dashboard of reviews.

How do I get access to Trustpilot?

Head over to ‘How do I create a Trustpilot account‘ and begin building your own database of customer insights.