Version 1.2.8

Version 1.2.8 includes the following updates, enhancements and features:


Xero Beta Integration

  • The Xero Beta Integration is available to use. 
  • Sync Customers from Xero to FRN and vice versa.
  • Export invoices from FRN Office into Xero in 3 steps.


Xero Beta Integration (Office View Changes)

  • New ‘Xero Beta Integration’ option available in Configuration under Invoices
  • Changes to Invoice columns to simplify the information available to you
  • Xero Filter available within Invoices
  • New Xero Icon will become visible next to the invoice when the invoice is successfully uploaded into Xero
  • Xero Integration Log area available when Xero integration is enabled.


Improve for New Zealand Users (GST Calculation UI, Configuration (Country + GST), Google API)

  • GST Calculation within the Quoting app has been improved to work with any GST value entered into your Configuration.
  • FRN Office has been improved to automatically set GST to 15% when NZ is chosen as the country.
  • The Address Search feature has been expanded to include NZ addresses.


Invoice Header Update

  • ABN & License are no longer included in the Invoice Header, they are now visible under the Invoice Heading within the formal document.
  • The Business Phone & Email will now appear in the Invoice Header


Info Button on Scratchpad

  • If a product has Warranty Information, an Info button will appear next to the product within the Scratchad


Office View update for Accepted Quotes in Invoice Email

  • You can now Enable or Disable including the Accepted Quote document with the approved Invoice Email that is generated and sent to your billing contact


Savings can be on/off for quotes

  • Savings now include a new setting within FlatRateNOW Office that allows you to include/exclude Savings on your documents for each individual quotation or invoice.
  • If enabled, when you press Send, Download, Accept for both Quotation & Invoice, you can include or exclude savings.


Scratchpad Guided Process

  • To improve the understanding of the Scratchpad(Option Builder), you can access the ‘Scratchpad Tour’ through the Menu.


Invoice Due Date Feature

  • Invoicing now includes the ability to set Due Dates.
  • Due Dates are set when confirming the invoice and can be changed on the Invoice screen.
  • You can enable Date of Confirmation, 7 Days, 14 Days, 30 Days or Custom from within your FRN Office Configuration.
  • Invoices that are overdue will now turn RED in the Office View and Red within the Job List of the app.


Changing to Office View (Export Tab + Payment Tab)

  • To improve your experience while using Configuration within the Office View, we have merged the Export Tab + Payments Tab and converted this section into the Invoices tab.
  • All Invoice Related settings will now be placed in Invoices.


Pricing Adjustment Notes

  • Notes from Pricing Adjustment will no longer appear to the left of the ‘Total’ price in the quote, it will now appear above the total but below the savings.