March-27th Update 2020

Version 1.1 was released on the 27th of March 2020

Version 1.1 release:

  • New loading screen animation
    • To keep you updated with the app, the new loading screen will keep you up to date with the software and when its loading.
  • Improved when the loading screen will appear
    • Certain processes that required uninterrupted time to load were not letting you know. This improvement will keep you up to date reducing the chance of the app failing.
  • Improved code-efficiency to reduce loading time for the following processes:
    • When you log in
    • Creating new quote
    • Switching between quotes
    • Accepting a quote
    • Confirming the invoice
  • Fixed layout for iPhone X & iPhone 11 to suit addition screen available at the top.
    • The back button was difficult to use so it has now been moved slightly.
  • Fixed issue where New Quote button in the Job List was linking to the active customer not the job selected in the Job List.
  • Fixed an issue where invoicing the job would link to the previous active customer not the quote's actual customer contact.
  • Invoice & Payment documents generated will now also be uploaded automatically to the Aroflo’s Job Document section IF the job originated from Aroflo.
  • Tagging Improvement has been added the Catalogue to enable smarter filtering in future updates.

Improvements to FlatRateNOW Office

  • Home now displays information that is useful
  • 'Web App' has been moved to the top of the menu
  • 'Web App' has been renamed as Quote App Builder