Latest Update - 20/07/2021

Between the 10th and the 20th of July 2021, we deployed the following updates to our FlatRateNOW app:



  • We have update our infrastructure and servers to provide a much more powerful experience with FlatRateNOW.


Opening FlatRateNOW App:

  • When opening the FlatRateNOW app, if you had changed your password, it would attempt to endlessly log in. This has been rectified and also resolved another bug with logging into the app:
    • If you open the app and the session expires, it will ask you to log back in.


Online Quote View:

  • Customer Notes are now visible.
  • A bug was identified where it would show the 'cost' price of the job AFTER the quote was accepted


  • When a Customer uses the Chatbox to ask a query, an in-app notification is sent to the tradesperson that sent the quote and an email is generated for the office.
  • When your tradesperson responds to your customer's query in the Chatbox, an email is sent to the customer, and the office is CC'd.
    • *The email address ( that sends these emails is not attended and replies aren't possible to this email.


  • You can no longer enter a value that is less than 0 in the deposit field.



  • A bug was identified that would stop accepted quotes from being uploaded back into ServiceM8 and leave an error message that could not be rectified. This bug is rectified and we have not witnessed this error appear again.


Office Portal:

  • You can now edit the Billing contact's address and contact information on an invoice in any stage.