The 'GST' Settings

This article will explain the GST setting in your configuration.

By default GST is included on all of your quote prices. Whether you would like to include this or not, is up to you.

If you do not include a GST figure, you will need to inform your client that the prices are not inclusive of GST.


How to change your GST in your Office View.

  1. Open your Office View
  2. Head to Configuration
  3. Click Configuration tab
  4. Change GST
    GST Settings V2


GST is applied in 2 ways in FlatRateNOW:

  1. An indication of the GST for each task is published in the task detail view and in the ScratchPad. This is so the customer can see what the total for each task is going to be. 
  2. The actual GST owed is calculated as a percentage of the quote, by adding all the tasks together excl. GST and then applying GST to the total.