ScratchPad - Sharing Option Sheets

Every time a plumber chooses to save an Option Sheet in the ScratchPad, a new version of the Option Sheet is created, these can be viewed in various ways:

1) Email

You can choose to email them to the office every time they are saved (see below), where they can be reviewed by the manager. To choose an email address for these:

  • From the Management Console, choose >Configuration and Tap the >Email tab
  • Enter a destination email address for the ScratchPad emails (see below)

  • The email contains the PDF and the CSV file.
  • You get a new email for every new version that is saved.

2) From the Management Console

Choose saved ScratchPads and all are listed, they are ordered by time created, with the most recent first in the list. Each has a version number.

Selecting an Option Sheet from the list enables you to view all the details of the Option Sheet as well as their associated files. You can filter the view of the Option Sheet by its Options (see below).

You can also filter the list of Option Sheets to see all the versions for a job. Just tap Other Versions (see above).

3) View Option Sheet files from the Management Console

All the files associated with an Option Sheet are available in the Management Console – see below.

Simply tap the view you want to see.