Moving ServiceM8 Jobs to FlatRateNOW

In this article, we will explain the workflow that will move your ServiceM8 jobs to FlatRateNOW via the integration.

The FlatRateNOW & ServiceM8 integration will enable the following features:

  • Automatic creation of jobs in FlatRateNOW that are scheduled in ServiceM8
  • Moving jobs between tradespeople will automatically update in FlatRateNOW
  • Accepted quotations in FlatRateNOW will automatically update in the Quotes & Invoices section of the job in ServiceM8
  • Sent quotes will automatically update as PDF in the Job Diary of ServiceM8

Automatic Creation of Jobs in FlatRateNOW:

To automatically create jobs in FlatRateNOW, you need to:

  • Create the job in ServiceM8
  • Schedule the job in the dispatch board against a tradesperson

schedule in servicem8

By doing so, your job will automatically appear in the Job List of the tradesperson in FlatRateNOW.

appears in FRN


Moving Jobs Between Tradespeople:

When you move a job in ServiceM8, it will automatically move the job in FlatRateNOW.

Please note: If the job is assigned to 2 people in ServiceM8, FlatRateNOW will assign it to the first person. This is to ensure 1 person is accountable for the sale.