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Modify Task Template FAQ

The follow article provides a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Modify Task Template feature.

Can I edit Tasks?

Yes. You can Modify FlatRateNOW Tasks and create your own private versions of them. There are 3 types of task templates and each allow for different modifications:

  • For Standard Tasks you can edit Title, Description, component parts (materials) and labour.
  • For Matrix Tasks you can edit title and description.
  • For Project Tasks (e.g. TSK0001) you can edit the title and apply a Special Labour Rate.


How do I know if I have a Modified Task?

All modified tasks include the suffix of ‘-M’. E.g. TSK0001 ,when modified becomes TSK001-M.

Can I remove/delete Modified Tasks and return to the default version?

Yes you can, simply delete the modified task from within the Office View.


What if I make a mistake when modifying my Task?

You can Reset the modified task to return it to its default state and then modify it again.


Can I modify Tasks in the Web-App?


You can do a one-time edit of the Title and Description directly on the task but this only applies to the current Quote.

If you wish to make a permanent change to the description you need to use the Office View.


Can I modify the materials in the Web-App?


We are currently developing a 'one-time material edit'. however permanent modifications will need to be made from the Office View.


Can I customise Tasks?


Customisation of Tasks has been superseded by Modifications to Tasks. Instead of Customising you will now Modify.


What happened to all my previous Customised Tasks?

All customise tasks created before the 3rd of March 2021 have automatically been converted to Modified Public Tasks.


Where do I apply bonus payments?

Bonus payments are stored in Modified Tasks.


Can I move a Task?

No. Although you can privatise a public task, these (Public Tasks) are still maintained by FlatRateNOW. You cannot modify or alter their current location.


Can I show both the Original and Modified Tasks in the Catalogue?


Only one version of each task will be shown to protect your tradespeople from presenting the wrong offer to your client.


Can I use Modify Tasks to create new Tasks?


You can create a new private task for your company and use the original task as a model but you cannot duplicate or copy a task.


Can I change the list of products inside a Task?


You can request products to be added, or inform FlatRateNOW that a product is no longer made by emailing info@flatratenow.net


What is a "Default Product" in the Task Detail?

The default product visible in the Task Detail is one that you cannot change. This product is what links the alternative products to the task and allows your tradespeople to choose from a wide variety of products on the field.


Can I reduce the labour hours for a job?


The quantity for Labour works as 1 = 60 minutes. To make changes to the Labour Hours follow the model of:

15 minutes = 0.25 quantity

30 minutes = 0.50 quantity

45 minutes = 0.75 quantity

1 hour = 1 quantity


Can I increase the labour hours?


The quantity for Labour works as 1 = 60 minutes. To make changes to the Labour Hours follow the model of:

15 minutes = 0.25 quantity

30 minutes = 0.50 quantity

45 minutes = 0.75 quantity

1 hour = 1 quantity


Can I add an allowance for miscellaneous materials?


  1. Go to the Task Details and select 'Add An Item'
  2. Search the product of 'baseallowance'
  3. Please note: 1 quantity of 'baseallowance' is equal to $100. To add $10, you must to 0.1 quantity.


Can I add a service charge?


Every Task has a Service Allowance product.

Simply change the quantity of the Service Allowance product.

It is priced at $1, so to add $15 to the Task, simply sent the quantity to 15.


Can I change the materials used in a Task?


To begin, use the search function in the product view and enter the supplier's product code and a matching FlatRateNOW code will be found. 

Enter in the quantity you need and delete the products you no longer want linked to the task.

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact info@flatratenow.net.


What Suppliers can I choose from?

The current supplier pricefiles that are linked to FlatRateNOW are:



Rexel (and their brands)

MMEM (and their brands)


Plumbers Choice


This list will continue to grow as we work with more Trade Supply companies.

What if I cannot find the supplier or product I am looking for?

If you cannot find a supplier or part, please contact info@flatratenow.net.


Can I add my own prices for products?


Please contact info@flatratenow.net and let us know what supplier and products you are interested in adding.

Please remember, this is not an instant process as there are thousands of parts offered by hundreds of suppliers. We will do our best to provide the update as quick as possible but will need your assistance to ensure we get the right products added to the right tasks.