March-19th Update 2020

Here is the update for everything new to FlatRateNOW on March-19th 2020

At FlatRateNOW, we are extremely focused on ensuring every moment you have using our software is enjoyable. This means constantly listening to your feedback and ensuring we react as quick as reasonably possible to roll out updates.


Continue to see the changes made to:

  • The catalogue
  • The application
  • The website



Across the FlatRateNOW catalogue, we have released another 36 new tasks for you to utilise.

These are broken into the different industries.


Industry Task Code Task Heading
Compliance xCOMP0110 COMPLIANCE - AS/NZS 5033, Installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic (PV) arrays
Compliance xCOMP0120 COMPLIANCE - AS/NZS 4509.1, Stand-alone power systems, Part 1: Safety and installation
Compliance xCOMP0130 COMPLIANCE - AS3000, Clause 2.10.7: Fire Protective Measures
Compliance SHA0010 Fall Protection - Safety Harness & Anchor Allowance (Per Day)


Industry Task Code Task Heading
Electrical xEMB0350 Install Bramite Insulated backing in Switchboard Enclosure
Electrical LGMAT0010 REPLACE Light Globe (Matrix)
Electrical xLIG0120 Inspect and Replace LED Driver
Electrical xeCAB0220 INSTALL .5mm Phone and LAN Cable
Electrical TTP1002 Install/Replace Aerator in Tap


Industry Task Code Task Heading
HVAC hWHA2010 DUCTED Air Conditioning System PREMIUM Service ***Recommended***
HVAC hWHA2020 DUCTED Air Conditioning System Standard Service 
HVAC hWHA2040 SPLIT SYSTEM Air Conditioner PREMIUM Service ***Recommended***
HVAC hWHA2050 SPLIT SYSTEM Air Conditioner Standard Service
HVAC hWHA2070 MULTI-HEAD Air Conditioner Maintenance Service
HVAC hWHA2090 Commercial Fridge/Freezer DIAGNOSTIC SERVICE


Industry Task Code Task Heading
Plumbing BPP0011 Install Section of Blueline Poly Pipe (25M Coil Lengths)
Plumbing SHWB0010 Replace Shower Base


Industry Task Code Task Heading
Roofing GUT0190 Install Replacement STRAMIT QUAD 175mm Gutter
Roofing GUT0200 Install Replacement OG Gutter


Industry Task Code Task Heading
Solar SLP0020 Replace SINGLE PHASE 2kw Solar Inverter
Solar SLP0030 Replace SINGLE PHASE 2.5kw Solar Inverter
Solar SLP0040 Replace SINGLE PHASE 3.0kw Solar Inverter
Solar SLP0050 Replace SINGLE PHASE 4.0kw Solar Inverter
Solar SLP0060 Replace SINGLE PHASE 5kw Solar Inverter
Solar SLP0070 Replace HYBRID 5kw Solar Inverter
Solar SLP0080 Replace HYBRID 2kw Solar Inverter
Solar eSOL1000 Supply and Install Solar Power System
Solar eSOL1001 Install Single Phase Solar Inverter
Solar eSOL1003 Install Weatherproof DC Isolator on Roof
Solar eSOL3001 Install Three Phase Solar Inverter
Solar eSOL1004 Install Solar Battery
Solar eSOL1005 Install Solar Storage / Solar Hybrid Unit
Solar eSOL1010 Install Solar Battery Wall Mount Bracket



We have released significant improvements to the FlatRateNOW application.


The following processes have had an update to improve the loading time and their functionality:

  • Login time
  • Claiming Jobs
  • Confirming Invoices (SOON TO BE DEPLOYED)
  • Adding Tasks (SOON TO BE DEPLOYED)
  • Creating New Quotes (SOON TO BE DEPLOYED)

User Interface

The FlatRateNOW mobile interface has been significantly improved. Issues with the old mobile interface that have now been fixed:

  • Creating New Customers screen has been improved to present the screen clearly and precisely
  • Job List has been improved.
    • The Search & Claim Job button has been rearranged to improve the screen real estate.
    • The individual jobs cards have been altered to show the information horizontally to improve how your eyes read the screen.
    • The font size has been reduced to respond to the available screen size which will improve the visual aspect of the screen.
  • The following changes have occurred to the quoting screen:
    • The Job/site & billing details are now expandable/retractable to improve your screen availability
    • The Quote number and headings are now clearly labelled across the top of your screen.
    • The back button on the top now functions consistently
    • Quote Details, See Other Quotes & Finance Forms horizontally queue to reduce the appearance of 'squashing'
    • Individual Task information will no longer follow a table format, improving how the headings of the tasks will appear on your screen and the pricing will now appear clearly on the top right hand corner of the task.
    • The actionable buttons along the bottom will now be bundled into 'Actions' which are clearly outlined when you click on the button.
    • The total value of the quotation on the bottom right hand corner of your screen will shift to reduce the amount of space it requires, improving the area for the tasks
    • The top and bottom panels will hide when not in use and reappear when you scroll
    • Format currency is applied
  • The following improvements have occurred to the catalogue:
    • The search field has been altered to fit neatly on the screen.
    • The filter options are now accessible through a filter button
    • The individual task headings and descriptions have been reduced in font size to correctly fit on the screen with minimal overflow
    • Within the task, the Add button, quantity, pricing tier and price have been improved visually
    • The filtering system within tasks with multiple products is now expandable to replace lost real estate
    • Suggested Addon Task images have been optimised to suit screen sizes
    • Format currency is applied
  • The following improvements have occurred to the Invoicing screen:
    • The header now includes the menu options
    • Reviewing the accepted tasks is now simpler and visually appealing
    • Format currency is applied
    • Confirm Payment popup screen has been optimised for mobile phone screens
  • All popups within the app have been optimised to mobile screen sizes, removing the chance of hidden buttons
    • Generally impacting confirmation popups, payment popups and loading popups


We are extremely excited to have released our brand new website that has you as the core focus.

Speed, design and accessibility were an issue with the old website.

The current new website includes:

  • Individual pages for each industry
  • The FlatRateNOW blog section with the latest articles
  • Resources such as downloadable guides, checklists, videos and more to come
  • Newly developed FlatRateNOW billing portal
  • Knowledge base complete with how to guide, videos and more.
  • Integration page explicitly outlining who FlatRateNOW can support
  • Partners page for all businesses improving their clients processes with FlatRateNOW


With you at the core, the new FlatRateNOW website will continue to evolve with new resources, content and information to help you and your business reach the goals you've been planning.