Latest Changes - 20 August 2021

The following changes were deployed on the 20th of August 2021.


Total Hours Calculation Automatically Occurring:

total hours

When utilising the 'Custom' Pricing tier feature in conjunction with the 'Quote Adjustment Feature', any changes made to the Labour Hours of a task would not automatically appear in the 'Total Hours' field of the Quote Adjustment feature.

This has now been corrected so it automatically presents the right number.


Complimentary Task & Quote Adjustment Feature:

task is complimentary

When utilising the Complimentary Task feature, it will automatically 'strike out' the original value and put $0.00 in it's place. If you were to utilise the Quote Adjustment feature, this would then replace the 'struck out' value with $0.00.

This has been rectified so that it will continue showing the original value of the task.


Progress/Deposit Payment:

progress payment

When entering in a Progress/Deposit payment, if you enter in 100% and confirm the payment, you will now be informed that you are completing a final payment and asked if you would like to proceed.

By proceeding with the payment, your invoice status will be updated to 'Paid'.


Using the Advanced Search feature:

advanced search-1

When searching for a job via the 'Advanced Search' feature in the Job List, if the job is already assigned to you but in the 'Archive', by selecting the job, it will automatically update your Job List without asking you to do anything.

This is a change from it asking you to 'claim the job from yourself'.