June-16 2020 Update

The following update was deployed on June-16 2020.

Version 1.1.6 update has been deployed on IOS and Android. This update includes the following:


New Feature:


Profile is the new feature within 1.1.6 that will begin the journey of providing a more personalised experience when using FlatRateNOW.

The Profile section of the app offers access to sales information, tips, settings, invite a friend and an entire help section that has a vision of making your tradespeople self sufficient.

  • Profile is accessible from the bottom menu.
  • Quick Stats for Quotes Won, Pending Quotes and Total Sales are available with interactive buttons to see the list of jobs.
  • My Stats is an upcoming feature.
  • Tips are now available! Check in often for new tips that will help you sell more and have happier clients!
  • Settings is now available.
  • Invite a friend has been moved to the Profile



Within the Profile tab, you have access to Help. Within help you can quickly access:

  • Contact information for FlatRateNOW
  • Report any bugs you encounter and we will fix them as a high priority
  • Feedback form because we love your feedback. It’s what makes drives our development!
  • Request a task and we’ll have it added to the price book
  • Video guides so you can continue to improve your FRN skills


Enable/Disable PDF Generation

At FlatRateNOW, our vision is to put you ahead of the pack. Moving quotes and invoices to an online version is the way of the future.

Within your Configuration, you are now able to enable or disable the PDF generated for quotes and invoices - giving your clients a different experience by viewing the documents online.



The time stamps that were added to emails and signatures were based on UTC time zone. This caused a slight variation to the actual time captured. All time stamps are now GMT.