June-09 Update 2020

The following update was deployed on the 9th of June 2020.

On the 9th of June, the following update was deployed.




  • A new filter has been added to ‘Quotes’ called All Quotes. This will filter for quotes that are both Archived and Unarchived.

all quotes filter in quote view

  • Yesterday & Last Month have been added as standard filters in your Dashboard
  • Custom Date Ranges have also been added to your Dashboard

yesterday last month custom date range dashboard screenshot


  • The business company logo will now appear on the top left hand corner of the Online Quote View, replacing the original FlatRateNOW logo.

company logo appearing on top left

Invoicing & Payment

  • The Write Off feature now includes a confirmation screen with the following message:
    • You are writing off $XXX from the invoice. Are you sure you wish to write off this amount?
      PLEASE NOTE: If you proceed, you will not be able to revert your action

write off pop up confirmation screen shot


Bug Fixes:


  • The Sales Graph was impacted by an error if you had your filter set to ‘This Week’ and it was the start of a new month. Bit like the Y2K bug but not as dramatic.


  • The ‘Send Quote To Customer’ screen will now fit to all device screens. Due to the new Brighte feature, the Send/Don’t Send buttons would be hidden when in Landscape mode. A scroll bar has been added to rectify this issue.