Version 1.2 - July 2nd 2020 Update

The following article explains the update deployed on July 2nd 2020 - Version 1.2.

Version 1.2 is now available!


In version 1.2, we continue our push forward in providing important features that will support your tradespeople and the business in reaching their goals.


This update will include:


  • New notification queue
  • A Daily Individual Report
  • New Data Fields in Quotes
  • Update to ServiceM8 Integration
  • Update to Brighte Integration
  • Modified Accepted Quote Email Template
  • Dashboard Feature Fix
  • Dynamic Pricing Improvement


Notification Queue


Within your Profile section of the app, the bell icon that appears on the top right hand corner is your Notification Queue. You will receive the notifications within the app however if you are busy, these notifications will appear in your Notification Queue so that you don’t miss any important updates.


The notifications that will be available to you in version 1.2 are:

  • Accepted Quotes
  • Rejected Quotes & their reason
  • Customer has viewed your online quotation
  • Customer has sent you a message through the online quote chatbox
  • Daily Report
  • Brighte App ID approved


Daily Individual Report


To ensure you can continue improving your chances of success, you must know what you quoted, both successfully and unsuccessfully each day. However, we know that the thought of reviewing each quote can be daunting at the end of a solid day.


This is where our new Daily Individual Report feature will come in handy. The Daily Individual Report feature:


  • Is automatically generate at 6.30am the following morning and will include all quotes/invoices generated the day before between 12.01am and 11.59pm.
  • Will provide basic breakdown information for Quoting & Invoicing
  • Will provide a simple summary for Quotes & Invoices.
  • Is easily accessible through your Notifications Queue


Data Fields in Quotes


2 new fields have been created to improve the data around who sent the quotes and at what times.


This will assist in tracking who sent the original version plus any other instances where the same quote was sent, which can be extremely important for following up quotes.


Updates to ServiceM8 Integration


The security protocols required to download jobs from ServiceM8 to FlatRateNOW has been improved. The integration experienced a block because 'access token's' were not deemed as correct which would not allow the jobs to download. The knock-on effect would cause the integration to stall.


Update to Brighte Finance Integration


Pending Quotes would disable the Finance Button. This has now been improved to allow Financing from Pending Quotes.


Modified Accepted Quote Template


To improve manual transfer of information from FlatRateNOW to other 3rd party systems, the Accepted Quote Template now includes values excluding GST.

screenshot for accepted quote


Dashboard Feature Fix


If you were reviewing data across multiple months, the 4 main header bubbles in the Dashboard View would not show the data correctly. This is now fixed and will show the data correctly.


Dashboard fix


Dynamic Pricing Improvement


If you use the Dynamic Pricing feature and adjust the quote beyond your limits, if you forget to return it back within the limit and attempt to send the quote to your client, you will now be meeting with an error message telling you to fix your quote.


screenshot of error