Itemised Quotes and Invoices

If you are not a ServiceM8 user, there are three settings for Itemised Quotes and Invoices in FlatRateNOW:

  1. Always On
  2. Always Off
  3. Prompt

Note: If you use ServiceM8 we do not generate the Invoice and so cannot provide non-itemised documents

Choosing Prompt allows the Plumber to decide if they wish to Itemise Task prices for each Job. In 'Prompt', the default is always Yes, so the Plumber has to choose to share an Unitemised Quote. Once 'No' has been selected for a Job, the default remains "no' for all subsequent Quotes, Work Orders and Invoices

Back Office: Choosing a Pricing Mode:

In the Admin Console choose > configuration and tap the > configuration tab. Under > itemised prices on quotes/invoices choose an option from the menu. See below.

Plumber: Choosing to not Itemise Prices

If the Back Office has chosen Prompt (see above), the Plumber will be offered a choice when Downloading, Saving or Accepting a Quote. If they choose to do nothing the Quote will contain 'Itemised' prices, if they choose 'Non-Itemised', all subsequent documents will also be Non-Itemised, but for each document, they will be able to select 'Itemised' again. See below: