Improved User Experience

FlatRateNOW has changed a few things in the look and feel.

1) Swapping between Quotes in a Job

This has been improved to make it easier for you to swap between the many Quotes you might do for a job. If you have multiple Quotes in a Job, you will be offered the chance to ‘Click to see Quotes’. If you click you will see all the other Quotes and be able to swap between them (see below).

1) Creating a New Customer in Web App

If you create Customers and Jobs directly inside Flat Rate NOW, rather than get them from your Job Management System, we have changed the process to make it easier. Go to from the >Home Screen, tap >New Quote and select >New Customer to use the new simpler process.

2) Changing the Address of a Customer in Web App.

Your plumbers can change details of the customer in the web-app should the email address be in need of changing, or the customer’s name is spelled wrong etc. They can even change the email address for the Invoice by adding a new email address into Billing Address etc etc.