How to create a vehicle or office stock order

Creating Vehicle/Office Stock orders are important to every Trade Service Business.

By ensuring you track what materials/products are being utilised from your local stock, you can actively replenish the stock and ensure you save time traveling to suppliers mid-way through jobs.

Follow these steps to create a Vehicle/Office stock order in your quoting app:



Note: Vehicle or Office Purchase Orders can ONLY be sent on an ACCEPTED quote 

  1. Input the Quote as you normally would and ACCEPT the quote. 
  2. Once the Quote has been accepted, you will return to the screen below. Once you are here, click the ‘MATERIALS’ button in the bottom left of the screen. 
    Click materials button
  3. Review the materials and review if you need to check or uncheck the necessary ‘Vehicle/Office Stock’ boxes for any supplies. For this example, if we want all the supplies to be registered as ‘Vehicle/Office Stock, we will all the boxes ticked. 
    vehicle stock ticked
  4. Once this is complete, click ‘Create’ and you will then see a finalised Purchase Order. You can then either send this Purchase Order as an email or save as a PDF.
    vehicl stock

To save your Purchase Order as a PDF or send via an email - follow this guide :