How do I enable the Brighte integration?

The following guide will explain how to integrate Brighte with your FlatRateNOW account.

In order to offer payment plans through your FlatRateNOW application, you will need to activate the Brighte integration.

Please note, you must have a Brighte account before you can enable the integration. If you do not have a Brighte account, please complete this form to organise a chat with Brighte's friendly customer service team.


  1. Open your Office View (
    configuration screen
  2. Click on Configuration
  3. Enter your Brighte Access Key & Brighte Secret Key
    access key and secret key
  4. Click Connect
    click connect 
    1. If you have entered the correct Access Key & Secret Key it will be successful
    2. Otherwise; you'll be told your keys do not match.


Brighte Access & Brighte Secret Key

Follow these steps to find your Brighte Access Key & Brighte Secret Key


  1. Open your Brighte portal
    brighte poratl
  2. Click on Users
    click on users
  3. On your Administrator User, click Access Keys
    administrator access keys
  4. If you have an Access Key that is Active, press Delete, then move onto Step 5.
    active key press delete
  5. Click Create Access Key
    click create access key
  6. Highlight and copy the Access Key
    brighte access key
  7. Paste it into the Brighte Access Key field in your FlatRateNOW configuration
    brighte access key field in frn
  8. Highlight and copy the Secret Key
    brighte secret access key
  9. Paste it into the Brighte Secret Key field in your FlatRateNOW configuration
    brighte access secret key in frn
  10. Click Connect
    click connect-1

Please note that you will only be able to view the Secret key once - it is not available anywhere else. If you miss the secret key, you will need to repeat Step 4 through 7 again.