How do I claim a job in FlatRateNOW?

This article will explain how to claim a job within FlatRateNOW.

There are many reasons why you would claim a job in FlatRateNOW.

  1. Your colleague quoted the job but is not the one completing the job
  2. You are onsite and ready to collect payment
  3. You need to add more quotes to an existing job originally quoted by a colleague

To claim a job in FlatRateNOW,. you either need the Job Number or Customer Name. Once you have that, follow these steps and you'll claim the job.

Step 1.

Open your Job List



Step 2.

Enter Job Number or Customer Name into search bar and click 'Advanced Search'.

type number or name into search field


Step 3.

Click on the job you'd like to claim onto your Job List.

click job in advanced search


Step 4.

Confirm that you would like to claim the job from the current salesperson.

confirm you want to claim the job


The job will now appear in your job list!