How do I add ad hoc products to my Purchase Order?

Although FlatRateNOW's pre-built tasks include the vast majority of products/materials you need to complete the job, there will be time when a variable scenario occurs while preparing to commence the job and you need to buy an ad hoc item.

Before you confirm and/or upload your Purchase Order into your Suppliers system, you can add an item. 

Follow the next steps to do learn how to add an item.


  1. Create a Purchase Order from within your Material's view
  2. Select 'Add New Material'
    add new material
  3. In this view, you will search for products/materials that we have linked to the chosen supplier. If you are in a Reece Purchase Order, it will search Reece.
    search material
  4. Once you have located the product, choose the quantity
  5. Click Add and it will now appear on your Purchase Order.
    click add