FlatRateNOW Dedicated Email

This article explains FlatRateNOW's dedicated email.

All emails sent from FlatRateNOW are issued through our dedicated email address of globalmail@flatratenow.net.

With SPAM filters continuously improving how they protect their client, emails sent via the 'spoofing' method are being caught more frequently by the spam filter and lost to the client's SPAM/Junk inbox.

Emails that are sent through FlatRateNOW will include the company name, so they won't know it's FlatRateNOW and if the client that responds to an email, it will always be sent to the email specified in the 'reply-to' field.

If you do not want to use our dedicated email address and would like to instead 'spoof' your email (this is where we mask our globalmail@flatratenow.net email with your email), you can by following these steps.

  1. Head to your office portal (https://live.flatratenow.net)
  2. Go to Configuration and click 'Email'
  3. Deselect 'Use Dedicated Email Address'
  4. Click apply to save