Enable STC Rebate for Quote

A simple feature that presents the amount of STC Rebate in dollar value ($) on your quotation so your customer knows what portion of the quote they pay.

The STC Rebate function in FlatRateNOW is to inform your customer of the amount you are deducting from their invoice as part of the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, offered as part of the Australian Government's Renewable Energy Target.

To keep this process simple, you will:

  1. Specify how much per STC you are 'rebating' via the Configuration
  2. Enter in how many STC Tokens are applicable to the task directly on the quote


How to enable the STC Rebate feature

  1. Open your FlatRateNOW Office View (https://live.flatratenow.net/web/)
  2. Go to Configuration
  3. Select 'Selling Prices'
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and tick 'Enable STC Rebate'
  5. Enter in how much you are 'rebating' per STC within the 'STC Value' field
    stc rebate turn on
  6. Remember to press Apply at the top