Deselect Task Feature

The Deselect Task feature displays tasks in your quotation that you customer did not approve.

To record/display tasks that you presented to your customer but were not approved on the same document, follow these steps to enable the feature.


  1. Open your Office View (
  2. Go to Configuration
  3. Select the heading 'Quoting'
  4. Tick 'Enable Task Opt-Out Feature'
    1. enable feature image


Include the 'Deselected Tasks' on your Quote PDF

When downloading and sending quotes to your customer, you will need to decide if you'd like your document to:

    1. Never include the Deselected Tasks (No)
    2. Always include the Deselected Tasks (Yes)
    3. Decide before you send (Prompt)
  1. Select from the 3 options in 'Include Deselected Tasks in Quote PDF
  2. Review the standardised disclaimer provided in the 'Disclaimer' field. 
    1. disclaimer and include deselected tasks in quote pdf setting

Please note: the disclaimer will appear under the Deselected Task on your Quote PDF.