Downloading Quote/Job From Job Management System

This function is for ServiceM8 and Simpro.


There are a number of reasons why your Quote/Job from ServiceM8 or Simpro doesn't automatically appear in your Job List of FlatRateNOW. This function will assist you in downloading the Quote/Job you need within seconds.


  1. Go to your Job List in your Quoting App
  2. Type in your Quote or Job Number that exists in ServiceM8 or Simpro
    manual download jobs - searching wtih advanced search
  3. Select 'Use Advanced Search'
    manual download jobs - results
  4. Click on the result to download the Quote or Job from ServiceM8 or Simpro
    1. Please Note for Simpro Users:
      To toggle between the two different types "Quotes" and "Jobs", use the dropdown filter in the Advanced Search view.
      manual download jobs - simpro type