Customise Your Loading

This article will explain how you can customise the loading that are applied to a number of different materials.

Immediate Note: This is not Product Markups. Loading is used in the similar way that purchasing 1m of copper is more expensive per metre than buying 100m.


FlatRateNOW provide the ability to apply loading across a whole range of different products. 


You can adjust the loading with the following steps:

  1. Open your Office View
  2. Click Customise Loading
    loadings 1
  3. Click Create
    loadings create                               
  4. Click 'Select Loading' field
    select a loading
  5. Select the loading you wish to adjust
  6. Customise existing the length (M)
  7. Customise existing the markup (%)
    electrical wiring
  8. Add an item to add an additional row item
    add an item-1
  9. Save
    save electrical wiring