Customise The Price of the Task

This article will guide you through customising the price of the FlatRateNOW tasks.

FlatRateNOW has developed the catalogue based on years of data however we do understand that there will be times when your FlatRateNOW task needs to be customised so you charge exactly what you want.

This is completed through the Customise Task section of your settings.

  1. Open your Office View
    office view
  2. Click Customise Tasks
    customise tasks
  3. Click Create
    click create
  4. Search for the task (either the name or the code from the catalogue)
    search for task
  5. Either adjust:
    1. Labour Hours
      labour hours 
      1. Click 'Set the labour hours for this task'
      2. Input the labour hours you'd like to set for the task
    2. Price Adjustment
      price adjustment 
      1. Input the dollar adjustment you would like to apply to the task
      2. Remember to include +/- in front of the number.
  6. Click Save to save any changes you've made to the price
    click save


Note: The unadjusted price shown in the customise task view is only an approximation of the basic price of the task shown in the price book as specific materials have not been selected etc. The price adjustment entered will be applied to the advertised price of the task in the price book.