Customers in FlatRateNOW

This article will explain what customers are in FlatRateNOW and how you can edit/modify their record from the office view

FlatRateNOW does not deem a customer as a unique record. This means that your customers will continually duplicate every time you create a brand new customer record.

By visiting the Office View, you can see all the customer records that are created by clickong on Customers and scrolling through the list.

Please note: You WILL have duplicate records of the same client if you have created "New Customers' from the quoting app. 


To edit or modify a customer detail, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Office View
  2. Select Customers
  3. Search for the customer you would like to edit
    Customer edit
  4. Select EDIT
    Customer edit 2
  5. Adjust/modify as required
  6. Save