Creating Private Tasks

This article will guide you through the creation of private, business specific tasks.

To develop your business, you've created a unique selling process. If this selling process requires any new tasks such as service charges, membership programs or bundles that other tradesmen don't offer, you'll need to create private tasks.


Adding A Private Task Guide

  • In > tasks, select > task templates
    Private #1
  • Tap > CreatePrivate #2
  • Enter a task name – this is the name the customer will see on their quotes.
    Task Name
  • Tap > type and pick standard.
  • Enter your task code for display in the catalogue, this is searchable in the catalogue and needs to be unique - as you are the supplier we recommend using your company name (or a short version of it) with a number, e.g. ABC0001.
  • Write a description. This is the description the customer will see on quotes.
  • Tap > category and pick from the search list. This is where the task will be found in the price book (TIP: Try entering ‘SVC’ for adding to the services menu).
  • Tap > quantity and pick Y/N.
  • Tap > add an item.
    Add item
  • Tap > type and select > service.
    Service V2
  • Tap > product, and type "servall".
  • The service allowance product is priced at $1, so for > quantity enter the value for how much you want the task to cost. This is exclusive of GST.
  • Tap > Save & Close
    Service Allowance
  • Tap the picture icon and upload an image for the task – if you don't have anything to add, it's better to add your logo.
    Service Allowance Pic
  • Tap the “save” button.
    Save button