Creating and Managing Users in FlatRateNOW

This article will guide you through creating new users, managing existing users and updating passwords.

In the Admin Console, click on Partners/Users:
Tap Create
User 1
Enter First and Last Name – if you are using an external Job Management System this name should match exactly how the technician is named in the other system
Choose a Role for your employee – if the user does not need access to the Admin Console we recommend they are defined as Associates
Add their email address – the email address needs to be unique to FlatRateNOW
Tap Save

Change a User Login or Password

In the Admin Console, in Partners/Users tap on the User you wish to Editedit user

Tap Edit Login
Tap Change Password
change pass
Enter New Password
Tap Change Password
Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 3.34.03 PM