Create Finance Form in Quoting Screen

In this guide, we will walk you through creating a finance form from the FlatRateNOW quoting screen

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To begin the process of requesting payment plans, you must first create a finance form from your quoting screen. 

  1. Open the quotation
    quotation screen 
    1. Remembering that the loan amount is between $1,000 & $30,000
  2. Select Finance
    select finance
  3. Select the repayment terms
    select payment term
  4. Enter a deposit amount (If applicable)
    enter deposit amount
  5. Select Proceed
    select proceed
  6. Choose the Job Category applicable to the work you are completing
    job categroy
  7. Select Proceed to issue the Finance request to Brighte
    proceed to send to brighte 
    1. Select Save if you would like to keep this Finance form as a draft
      save to store finance form
  8. Now you wait until you are informed of the App Id to be placed in the Finance Form.
    entering app id