Configure Brighte Repayment Settings

In this guide, we will show you how to configure your Brighte settings from the Office View.

It is important to setup the Brighte integration the way you want it to maximise your opportunity of closing the job.

You can currently configure the repayment terms your employees offer in the Quoting App.

Configure the repayment terms by:

  1. Open your Office View (
    configuration screen-1
  2. Select Configuration
    configuration button
  3. Locate the Brighte Settings under Configuration
    click add item - brighte options
  4. Click Add Item
  5. Select the Repayment Terms you would like available in the quoting app
    click the tick boxes
  6. Click Select to add the payment months
    payment terms visible


Please remember that your Brighte Repayment Terms must match exactly the available Repayment Terms you enable in your Brighte app.


Head to your Brighte Portal and review your settings.