Archiving Scratchpad Options

The following article will explain how you archive scratchpad options for later use.

Scratchpad is a tool where you can create Options for your customers. These options are not formal quotations, they are the result of developing the ideal solution for your client while investigating the issue and discussing the outcome with your client.

The archive feature will store the scratchpad option for future use.


To initiate the Archiving feature, there are 2 methods.


Method 1. Automatic Archiving


FlatRateNOW will automatically archive your scratchpad option. This occurs frequently to ensure you do not lose the data on your current scratchpad


Method 2. Manual Archive


You can manually archive your Scratchpad options by following this one step process.

  1. Click the green button 'Archive'.


Additional Feature:

If you archive your Scratchpad option and move onto a different job and your colleague claims the job and opens the Scratchpad Feature, FlatRateNOW will automatically deploy the existing Scratchpad option to your colleague.

This feature is to ensure your colleagues have access to the scratchpad options you've created to ensure consistency with your client.

Remember, your client does not want to explain themselves again.