April-9th Update 2020

The following update was deployed on the 9th of April 2020.


  • Bug fixed that stopped $0 quotations from being invoiced
  • Bug fixed that stopped users from being able to login if their active job was not assigned to them. This impacted management users


  • Invoice PDF has been fixed to match the requirements of Brighte.
  • Brighte Finance Form now includes any payments that are already recorded on the invoice.


  • Cabling, Pipework and other matrix tasks will only show the accessories you have included in the quotation. The description will no longer look like a ridiculous amount of pointless words.
  • Scratchpad now includes the ability to hide pricing tiers from the quoting screen. This new feature does not save and any new scratchpad will revert back to the original settings.

Take a look at the new Scratchpad Filter feature in action!