April-16th Update 2020

The following update was deployed on the 9th of April 2020.


On the 16th of April, the following update was deployed.


  • The price of the task would appear before you selected a product. This has been fixed to now only show once you’ve selected the product.
  • When editing a task to change the product, the task price would not update to the new product price. The new task price will now update consistently.
  • Pricing Tiers would not update with the new product price. This has now been fixed to work properly.
  • Within the Scratchpad, if you configured a task that had included suggested addons, it would reset your suggested addons. This has now been fixed so that your suggested addons will no longer lose the products you’ve already selected.
  • When converting your Scratchpad Option to a Quote, your matrix tasks would occasionally lose their settings. This has now been fixed to ensure your matrix tasks transfer from the option to quote accurately.



  • The login page now includes ‘Forgot Password’
  • The login page now offers the ability to register for the trial from within the app.
  • The login page has been updated to match our new brand
  • The font colour for username and password has changed to black and the error font is red to make it easy to understand if you’ve made a mistake
  • Error messages on the login page have been extended to include:
    • Username/Password do not match
    • Your master account is not activate. Refer to Billing to activate the account
    • Your user is not linked to an active subscription. Contact your manager to update.
  • The TSK descriptions will correctly upload into Brighte when generating the Brighte Quote
  • The descriptions within your Brighte Portal will now separate clearly with a separator.
  • When creating a new user, you can now send a sign-up email requesting that the user sets their password.
  • We have extended the time allowed to create the quote from the Scratchpad. If the option is large and includes several Matrix Tasks, the app has forced the quote creation to fail, making the user retry the quote. This would generate multiple quotes instead of just the one.