Adding Dashboards to My Dashboard

In this article, you will create a new dashboard and save it in your My Dashboard section.

To ensure you are able to find the information you need quicker, create a dashboard entry and store it in My Dashboard. This way, the moment you need to check, you can simply open FlatRateNOW Office and review the data.

To add a dashboard to My Dashboard, follow these steps:

  • Open FlatRateNOW Office


  • Decide whether you need Quote or Invoice information

quotes or invoices

  • Select Advanced Search

advanced search

  • Decide which piece of information you would like to filter your quote by. In this example, we will filter by:
    • Group By = Accepted By
    • Filter = Last 7 Days

filters 7 days

group by

  • Select the Graph symbol

graph symbol

  • To save and add this dashboard, click Favourites -> Add to my dashboard

Favourites add dashboard

  • Enter the name of the dashboard and click add


You can now view your dashboard at any time in the Dashboard section of your FlatRateNOW Office.

my dashboard