8th January 2020

Release Notes for the 8th of January 2020 Update.

The following improvements, fixes and updates were published to the FlatRateNOW application on the 8th of January.


Job List Improvement

Manager users can now see who is assigned to the job through their Job List. This feature is important for when you deselect 'Show Only My Jobs' as you may not know which job is actually assigned to you.

This will reduce the issues raised by Managers incorrectly working on jobs that are not actually assigned to them.


Accepted Quote Prompt

When you accept a quotation, you can now enable the feature to prompt your tradesmen to send the quotation to the client.

Previously, you were required to remember to hit the SEND button after accepting the quote.

Head to 'Enable Prompt On Accepted Quotes' to find out how to enable this feature.


Integrating With ServiceM8

When enabling the integration with ServiceM8, you will now notice 2 additional notifications.


When selecting 'ServiceM8 Integration':

"Connecting ServiceM8 with FlatRateNOW will create a well rounded quoting and sales process. To ensure your integration works, please note:

  • You must *schedule *the job to a *tradesmen *on your dispatch board as a *quote *status

  • The tradesmen's username in FlatRateNOW must match exactly their name in ServiceM8

  • ServiceM8 will review your dispatch board every 5 minutes and send any newly scheduled jobs to FlatRateNOW

Enjoy the integration!"

When successfully connecting the ServiceM8 Integration:

"Congratulations, you’ve just integrated your ServiceM8 with FlatRateNOW.

To ensure your data is safe, ServiceM8 and FlatRateNOW will communicate and setup a secure connection. This will take approximately 15 minutes.

Once completed, your jobs will begin to automatically be sent over from ServiceM8"

External Job Management System Autoreply Email

If you use Aroflo or a similar Job Management System that sends the customer information through an email, you may have noticed you would receive an occasional duplicate email when the job was accepted.


We have now fixed this bug and removed the issue of duplicate emails.


Scrollbar for Pricing Tiers

When selecting or changing pricing tiers for a task within the FlatRateNOW app, a scrollbar will now appear if you have too many pricing tier options or a smaller screen to improve usability.


Mini Menu

The following changes have occurred on the mini menu to improve usability:

  • Job List is now included
  • Logout and Refresh have been moved to the bottom of the list


The sequence of tasks on the quotation would change on the invoice. To ensure no confusion with your clients, the invoice has been corrected to mirror the sequence of tasks on the originating quotation.

Reloading your application will ensure you have the latest update.