22nd January 2020

Release notes for update on 22nd January 2020

The following improvements were released on the 22nd of January 2020 and are now available on your app.


Side Menu

The side menu will automatically close when you click on any area outside of the side menu.



The area for your logo at the bottom of your app has been improved to respond to the size of the device.

This improves the layout of the home screen and where the buttons position themselves


Archiving Non-Active Jobs

If a new job does not have any activity, it automatically archived after 3 days. Non-Active jobs now stay active for 7 days to assist in maintaining jobs that have been scheduled before the weekend.


Attaching Quotes to Invoices

If the Customer, Job Site & Billing contacts are all different, the billing contact will not have received the quotation.

To improve what the billing contact receives, Quotes are now included in the Invoice email template.


ServiceM8 API Update

The ServiceM8 API would query the dispatch board at random times causing the API to block for 60 seconds.

This would mean jobs entered into ServiceM8 during that 60 second window would not coming over due to the api overload.

We have now improved the integration to stop this from occuring, reducing the chance of your jobs not being sent over.