Xero FAQ

Are all contacts in Xero imported? 

No, suppliers will not be imported. A supplier in Xero is a contact that has had a bill applied to them. If a contact is both a customer and a supplier, it will be imported.


Do contacts get automatically sent to Xero from FlatRateNOW?

Clients entered into FlatRateNOW will only be sent to Xero with an invoice. Once the client is sent to Xero with an invoice it remains synced, with changes made in either program updating the other.


Do contacts get overwritten if I manually enter their information into Xero?

A client in FlatRateNOW not yet synced with Xero will not be overwritten if the same client is entered manually into Xero.


Are my Tax Settings downloaded from Xero?

All taxes in Xero will be imported into FlatRateNOW. All changes made to tax settings in Xero will sync to FlatRateNOW, any changes to taxes made in FlatrateNOW will not sync back to Xero.

Please note: We recommend that you do not make changes to Tax Settings in FlatRateNOW


How does FlatRateNOW sync with Xero work?

The Xero Sync works as follows:

  • Invoices are sent to the Xero account of your choice when approved on the invoicing page. You can change the designated account in Configuration > Invoicing.
  • Once sent to Xero, any changes to the invoice in FlatRateNOW will not be synced.
  • Invoices created in Xero are not sent to FlatRateNOW.


Do my payments in FlatRateNOW sync with Xero?

Payments received against an invoice in FlatRateNOW will not be applied to Xero. You can record the payment in Xero when reconciling the bank account transaction.


How do I configure my Xero Settings in FlatRateNOW?

Head to FlatRateNOW Office and select Configuration, then Invoices. Always remember to save any changes you make by clicking Apply at the top of your screen.


How do I disconnect from Xero?

To disconnect from Xero, head to FlatRateNOW Office and select Configuration, then Invoices. Hit the 'Disconnect from Xero' button and your FlatRateNOW will no longer communicate with Xero.

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How do payment processing fees appear in Xero?

If you are using the payment facility integrated with FlatRateNOW, your processing fees will not appear in Xero. Likewise for any payment facility you utilise external to FlatRateNOW.

You will need to manually review this process within Xero.